.                                                      G's Jazz Grading Key                                            日本のお客様へ (For Japanese Customers)

Grading is routinely audible to eliminate disappointment. All items are guaranteed. Grading does not compensate for inherently poor pressings which are not uncommon for many "budget" labels and certain other labels. Every attempt has been made to test play the records in order to arrive at an accurate grading rather than one solely based on sight. THE GRADING CODE is as follows. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY as these grades MAY NOT be the same as others with which you have had experience. All records are mono unless noted by a * which denotes stereo. (es) denotes fake stereo-electronically reprocessed. Lex Ave or 63rd St or NYC indicate New York pressings for Blue Note and label color is therefore Blue & White. If not listed as any New York pressing and Blue & White not specified, then assume label color is not blue and white. Regarding Riverside and Jazzland LPs: if "BGP" not listed then assume Orpheum. Re Prestige records, if Blue label, description will list Blue. Please inquire before ordering  if you have any questions regarding label color, deep groove, pressing  etc).

FS   Factory Sealed
M      Record has never been played. Often, a sealed lp (e.g. Blue Note, Prestige) is opened to check label designation
N   Record may be unplayed or has been played once or couple of times.
N- Record has been played relatively few times-could be considered essentially new; records in this category are often listed as NEW in others' grading codes :
E+   Very little if any surface noise in spots (almost new). Many E+ records could play out as essentially new. This condition should be perfectly fine for most all collectors
E       Slight overall surface noise typical of many older used LPs (should not be a record that is loaded with pops & tics or has scratches). High filters on many stereos could remove the slight overall noise.
E-     Surface and background noise below music level but record is noisy. Can have scratches.
G     Record worn, playable, noise level close to or equal to music level
F       Record very worn, music level same or less than noise level.

 gf     gate fold cover
       promo, DJ,  etc 
      small cover tear
  black & white art cover
      corner cut (usually very small)
  trumpeter logo re Verve
        cover tear
Orange, gf
= original Impulse
      hole punch (usually very small)
     tape on cover (usual~ clear)
    minimum bid
    blue label i.e. Prestige
        slit in cover (usually small)

YL    yellow & black label re-Prestige
tre      tape residue on cover
Drummer   original EmArcy label
writing on back cover
    writing on front cover
     sticker on cover
   Bill Grauer Presents: eg. Riverside (if not BGP, then assume Orpheum)
  writing on front back covers
sol       small sticker on label
     deep groove
   slight water damage on cover